Bonnie Baldwin MD Plastic Surgery

It's the way you feel.

Cosmetic surgery for the everyday women.

"The human body is a magnificent creation. Each has its own unique features which may alter with time and life events. Feeling good about one's body is the foundation of self-esteem confidence and contentment. The final reward comes to both me and my patients through empathy, caring, talent, and compassion." Dr. Bonnie Baldwin MD, FACS
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Society Memberships

2001 – Present

Member, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

1997 – Present

Member, American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

1997 – Present

Fellow, American College of Surgeons

1997 – Present

Member, Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons

1997 – Present

Member, Houston Society of Plastic Surgeons

1994 – Present

Member, Society of Surgical Oncologists

1985 – Present

Member, Texas Medical Society

1985 – Present

Member, Harris County Medical Society

My Approach

My surgical approach focuses on providing a natural look that fits each individual. When any person feels they are at their best they portray themselves as more energized, more enthusiastic, and with greater self-esteem. If someone has something that bothers them on a daily basis and that bothersome issue can be corrected by surgery, I feel the patient should come in for a consultation.


"I want to thank you deeply. You have made a big difference in my life" T.A., Pasadena, TX.